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The Team



Roger Robbins

General manager

Mathew Laflamme

office administrator

Megan Groenewold
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Rae Manguling
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Charlie Weyer
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Zane Turk


Roger Robbins, the owner and head foreman of RCB Inc., fell in love with carpentry at 18 years old. He had the good fortune to apprentice under a master builder from the Berkshires, who instilled in him the love of finish carpentry.

He was a quick study and became truly passionate about the discipline and art that is required in custom projects and fine carpentry. Roger relished the challenge of being able to mimic old structures using precise techniques, the highest quality products and showcasing them in simple beautiful designs.

Each project must meet his own standard of quality which means taking the time and care to create a final product worthy of the perfectionist within him.

As Roger has grown his business and added to his team, he has learned the value of integrity and communication. Each project is taken as a personal challenge and nothing is more 

 rewarding than knowing that RCB has enriched a home or workplace, providing the perfect space with lasting comfort and style, to be enjoyed by future generations. For this reason, each member of RCB is chosen carefully and has adopted these same high standards of discipline and quality.

Although RCB is a small family-run company, it consistently delivers the highest quality finished product and has earned a reputation for being not only professional and timely, but also clean and friendly. It is these qualities that make RCB stand out in a competitive industry where too many customers are left disappointed. 

Our customers’ expectations are the driving force behind each project and their complete satisfaction is our greatest reward.

At the heart of RCB is a passion for perfection and creating something beautiful and lasting.