Fein Oscillating Multi Tool (click to watch)

“This is, by far, my “must have” in my van or on site, for any project. It makes all the difficult and precise cuts that a sawzall can’t make. It’s clean, small, and extremely powerful. This tool is a total game changer if you’re cutting out electrical boxes, baseboard, drywall, or any other sort of cuts in tight spaces.”

Fein Tools Online


 DeWALT Green line laser level.

“One of the best lasers I have worked with. It takes the guess work out of lining things up when leveling. If you do any layout on a regular basis, I highly recommend this.”

DeWalt Tools Online


Lie-Nielsen Chisels

“All tools have their place and purpose, but I couldn’t imagine being without my set of chisels when I need them. As technology progresses, many of the old tools aren’t needed for everything – but when things don’t go as planned, say for a pocket door lock, my chisel is dependably there to help me out of a jam.”

Lie-Nielsen Chisels Online


A Pencil


“From planning stages right up until painting, there is no tool more used on our jobs and more needed throughout than well-sharpened pencils. Our on-site blueprints, on-site design suggestions, stud-layout, precise cuts, tile layout and rounded cuts… it all starts with that little pencil.”

Here are the pencils we love on Amazon.



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